– Pigeon Family Farms began operating a small farm consisting of a commercial cattle operation on approximately 100 acres.

– We added two broiler houses in which we currently contract with Tyson Foods to raise Broilers

– Nursery Business began with addition of our first greenhouse a 20’ x 48’, we currently start most of our bedding and vegetable plants in this house early in February.

– Began building up an apiary consisting of 10 to 15 hives of Honey Bees to help with pollination and raw honey production for sale to our customers.

– The addition of a second greenhouse 30’ x 48’ designed to hold about 450 hanging baskets as well as a 2500 sq ft outdoor mum/growing area.

– Added a 1000 sq ft outdoor growing area.

Since 1994 24599 Van Fleet Rd. Siloam Springs, AR 72761 (479) 524-8895